Images: Joanna Culley


Splice celebrates the specialisms and expertise of surgeons and engineers, bringing the new hospital at Southmead's building site into focus whilst still behind hoardings.

Davis & Jones invited surgeons and engineers to visit each others' places of work and explore similarities and differences, getting to know each other and chatting.

In the first meeting engineers were accompanied to observe an operation; on the return visit surgeons were taken on a tour of the new hospital. In conversations throughout, people shared their ideas and passions.

Davis & Jones commissioned medical illustrator Joanna Culley, who was present on both occasions, to produce a pair of watercolour paintings documenting the encounters. This has resulted in Body Builders and A Joint Operation which have become part of the Trust's art collection and which are on display in the Learning & Research building at Southmead hospital.

Poet Karen Hayes was invited to produce a series of written pieces recording the project.